Entry 76 by Kabiru Musa

I didn’t know when she left or what happened to her thereafter.

Rosco had just taken his bath, got into his Danfo and drove off when I heard a very loud noise. I was confused whether to run or not. As i came back to my senses I noticed passersby stopping and gazing. I tried to follow their gaze but ended up staring at the roof of my house. I then realized the noise came from the roof-top. I came out and joined the crowd that has already gathered. Some people stopped for a moment, grunted and walked away. Others remained there and watched as the driver of the articulated vehicle on the roof-top tried to manoeuvre his way out of the dangling vehicle. Not so his co-driver whose head rested on his shoulder as if asleep. Meanwhile a crowd had gathered on the roof-top; some tried to assist the driver, while some stared from a safe distance with both hands on their head.

A van with blue and white stripes arrive the scene with its siren blazing. I went back to my house to attend to my immediate problem. I once again became aware of the dizziness that has engulfed me. What could be wrong? I lay down on my side, watching the scenery: fast moving cars, passersby who seemed unaware of others, and the crowd looking at the roof-top. The crowd gradually faded away and…..

I was jolted out of my sleep by the horn of a danfo bus. I felt weak, very weak. By now the crowd looking at the rooftop had dispersed. I saw a woman eating roasted corn and my stomach rumbled as if in protest to remind me that I have not eaten since morning. I stood up and made my way to the shade across the road. I got my indomie and egg. As I sat down to eat I felt a sudden rush of bile into my mouth. What is happening to me? I felt very weak and dizzy, and the sight of food made me feel sick. I shoved the plate away, laid down and…

It was raining heavily when i woke up still feeling weak and dizzy. I’ve never experienced such in my lifetime. Where do I go to with my problem? Who do I tell? Rosco?! Yes! He’s the only one around who knows I’m not mad and will listen to me.

So that night when he called me into his danfo and tried to lay me, I resisted. He stiffened. Then I told him. I told him how I have been feeling weak and dizzy all day. How I vomited when I tried to eat something. I heard him say something. “What?” I enquired. “I say you get belle!” he retorted. My hand moved slowly to my tummy and I smiled. A loud thunder rumbled and in the preceding flash of lightning I saw his face. He looked terrified; terrified of the result of our nocturnal sex life.

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