Entry 77 by Ademola Ajibola

I don’t want to think you are thinking in that direction too because I know the way we Nigerians think. You think I’m pregnant abi? I knew it. You just made me laugh real loud. Rosco is too smart to get me, a so called mad woman, pregnant but even if it were to be so, will I go for ante natal, post natal and all those rigorous tasks that come along with pregnancy?

Everyone believes I’m mad so the option of getting a hospital treatment is totally far from it. I wouldn’t want to bother my head about this jor. I’m fine and will remain fine.

Rosco called on me when he arrived and after another bout of wild penetration and moans, I made to tell him about my present state but his sternness got me so worried and scared so I kept my dirty mouth shut. Abi nah or do mad people brush ni?

For the first time, I failed to accept the #100 ritual in my left hand. I had to let him know something is wrong and that was the best way to prove myself because he will believe anything I say was said by a mad woman.

It was almost 5am in the morning when I felt a cold wipe down my face. I quickly made for the closest club but the frame of the figure curling me up seemed so familiar. The smell was not mistaken either. It was the only man who knew I’m not mad. It was Rosco and he was unusually gentle and loving.

He told me we were relocating that moment and I was cool by it. After all we had nothing to move or lose. Before I knew it, we were enroute Ojota to start a new life as Rosco has termed it. We got to Ojota and I knew I needed a new lease of life indeed.

Lately, Rosco has been acting so caring and that amuses me each time I think of him though he was sounded so mean when he told me NOT to ever leave the ‘home’ he had got for us till he told me otherwise. The Lord has spoken!

I overheard him telling his new Ojota confidant some days back that i was pregnant and he claimed responsibility. He further talked about securing a good apartment and seeing a psychiatrist and so on.

Where this will end I don’t know yet but I’m seeing a very good future ahead of me, Rosco and our new addition, I pray I have a girl sha. I just do pray and hope we are leaving the slum soon like he had promised the first night we slept at Ojota Bus Park.

Time will tell. But if I may ask, am I really mad?

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