Entry 75 by Charles Oben

Where is Rosco, that fool.

He took his danfo bus and some of his gang to Ikeja to look for some work. So now my routine is ruined. No more Rosco in the morning playing with his engine and pouring water on himself. No more being pounded at night and not needing to use my own fingers. No more. I guess I’ll have to do with my memories for now. I hope he gets back soon.

Some new people have moved into my area. I haven’t yet decided whether I like them. One is a poorly looking mother with a worse looking child. I doubt they’ll last long. Another is one of those yellow eyed men that are far too common around here. I think his name is Igbu. He smiles at me a lot with those black teeth of his and I smile back just to be nice. But I hope he knows I’m not interested in his thing. Maybe I should stop smiling at him. Anyway I hope Igbu can fight, if that is his name, otherwise he’ll soon be dead. Nobody likes having another mouth to feed.

I’ve been seeing more and more things these past few days. People are angry. I think there’s an oil shortage again so all the drivers are up to their tricks. Other people call it stealing but I understand the drivers – when it’s a matter of survival, thinking like that is just nonsense talk. I have lots of my own tricks. I’ll tell you about them later.

When I got up this morning I didn’t feel very well. So I stayed in my house just staring at the roof and listened to the sound of the okadas going by. I don’t know how much time passed before I heard a familiar banging on the door. I jumped up in excitement because I knew Rosco was back. Nobody else comes to see me. I thought he might say something this time because he had been gone for a while. But we walked to his danfo bus in silence like usual. Fool. Just a word or two and he would know exactly how much I like him being inside me. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

But as he made me eat his thing while pinching my breast I started to feel ill. He ignored me and just continued. So I was sick on him. He got very angry then, and started shouting something about it not being his. He wasn’t making any sense. And they say I’m mad.

I never heard from Rosco after that. Maybe he found some work in Ikeja after all. I’m angry because I don’t want to play with anyone else. A few people have tried, even Igbu, but I always say no. Soon nobody will want me anyway because I’m getting fat. I hope people don’t start calling me reverant sista, I told you before I hate that name.


2 responses to “Entry 75 by Charles Oben

  1. beautiful! well done, Charles. a lot of entry took it for granted that she knew she’s pregnant…thanks for taking us in another direction…very nice entry

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