Entry 80 by Zakari Agbede

At first I thought it was that Indomie aboki who tried to poison me but this is more serious than usual. I remember when those wicked people from that hotel decided to give me food. Instead of calling me to collect it, they decided to pour it on the floor. It was full of half eaten pieces of meat and some over chewed chicken bones. It wasn’t their fault, they thought I was mad. I wouldn’t have accepted the food if I wasn’t so hungry. The rice was rather tasty. It seemed as if it was mixed with draw soup and apparently I wasn’t the only one enjoying it, the little worms seemed to love it more than me. By the next morning I couldn’t get up. My stomach was turning me and making noises! I felt like vomiting and shitting at the same time. I thought I was going to die but Rosco gave me something to drink. He didn’t want me to die after all. Two nights later, he called me and we resumed our thing.

This pain is very different. It comes and goes. I woke up this morning and saw that my feet had almost doubled in size. What is happening to me? There is always spit in my mouth and I vomit sometimes. Since Rosco noticed it, he stopped calling me again. In fact, he doesn’t even look at me. It has been over two weeks since we last did it. Why is Rosco being so mean? I hope he calls me tonight so that everything can go back to normal. Oh Rosco, if only he knows how much I miss him… (I hear a loud noise and people shouting). Fashola’s people are coming with bulldozers. My neighbours are protesting but to no avail. The people are clearing everywhere! “Don’t touch it!” “Leave my bed!” “Leave me alone! Yee!!!” (She bites one of the men and breaks away. He holds onto her wrapper but she wriggles out of it and flees).

Where is this place? I was so scared that I just kept running without taking note of where I was going. I don’t know this place oh! There is plenty sand and water here. I’m tired and my feet are paining me, I need to rest.

It has now been about seven months since I left my home. I don’t like this new place because there is no roof. It’s just me and the water. My stomach is now very big. Once in a while it is as if something is kicking me from inside my stomach. I’m really scared. If only Rosco were here, he would help me… or would he? Ah! Ah! My back! I better lie down and rest.

My stomach! My stomach! Aaaaaah! My stomach! What is happening? It’s like something is trying to come out. I can’t push it out! I’m trying but I’m too weak. So much blood everywhere! Oh my stomach! My stomach!


35 responses to “Entry 80 by Zakari Agbede

  1. Trust me, Painting with ink and brush is a unique challenge, but painting pictures with words is rather a ‘herculian task’… And this, my freind is one herculian task u have beautifully overcome… A very deep piece, opening da mind of da reader to creative possibilities. I luv it….

  2. The story tends to move towards a punchy line at some point, and then it drops. It could be better. Keep it on the punch-line

  3. Good one brov….. Talented Raper and Singer gonna be a Talented Writer too!!! Big Ups Brov!!! You are Winning this!!!

  4. Nice 1… breathtakingly interesting as it brings the story to a very dramatic climax… Fab 1 bruv… Keep The Fire Burning 😉

  5. it’s not about taking the literary journey from where Seun stopped, it’s about getting in the mind of the mad woman and weaving the magic or ‘madness’ from there…this writer is one of the few that does it beautifully

  6. Now this really took me through the tunnel of a disturbed woman sometimes funny some times dark really cool

  7. Nicely written Zak….like the use of words. You made it very nigerian with the mix of English and pidgin.keep it rolling dear.All d best!!

  8. Well well well, it’s finally out! Interesting piece, at once gripping and tantalizing, leaves u panting for more…or helping to finish the rest in ur mind. Sad thing about the end, for the woman and the story. YESiYES!votyes!

  9. A Lyrical masterpiece characterised a definitive enthralling theatrical twist-ultimately a delightful read……

  10. Really nice work. I think U will make a good writer… Just keep on doing ur thing & u will go places.

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