#Endthestory Top 10

Here is the Top 10 list (from votes cast) in numerical order:

1. ENTRY 9 by Ogunyemi Bukola (157 votes)

2. ENTRY 11 by Opemipo Adebanjo (102 votes)

3. ENTRY 18 by Olubunmi Familoni (84 votes)

4. ENTRY 21 by Dickson Kalu (82 votes)

5. ENTRY 26 by Kenechi Uzochukwu (89 votes)

6. ENTRY 33 by Filani Kemisola (120 votes)

7. ENTRY 49 by Oluwatosin Bayeri (258 votes)

8. ENTRY 62 by Jibola Lawal (102 votes)

9. ENTRY 72 by Ohi Imou (111 votes)

10. ENTRY 79 by Okunlola Tola (119 votes)

The Top 10 entries (according to the voting public) will now be accessed by the judges to determine the winners (Star Prize Winner, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up). Winners will be announced on Tuesday, July 31.

7 responses to “#Endthestory Top 10

  1. Congrats to you al. It was GREAT competing with y’all. Though I didn’t make it, I already feel like a winner and hope to see great things coming from y’all . BIG UPs TO MR SEUN SALAMI

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