Meet the Judges

Kathleen Ndongmo

Kathleen is a prolific (copy) Writer and Editor. She is also a pragmatic Entrepreneur with a creative head for Business. She was a finalist in the Apprentice Africa and was also profiled as one of Cameroon’s Top 50 Change-Agent in 2009. You can follow her on twitter @KathleenNdongmo.


Laitan (Sokleva) Hughes

Sokleva Hughes is a Rapper who relies heavily on a narrative/story telling format to deliver his lyrics. As one half of the Super Rap Group Rooftop MCs – a band with a message – knowledge of writing has become a necessary part of his job. As a creative writer, some of his writings can be found at Sokleva is married with two children and currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Follow him on twitter @SoklevaHughes.


Lydia Idakula Sobogun

Lydia is the CEO of Gbagyichild Entertainment; conveners of Taruwa, the monthly music and poetry event as well as Publishers of the Taruwa Magazine. You can follow her on twitter @gbagyichild.


Damilola Oyedele

Damilola currently spends her days putting her Economics degree to use as a Management Consultant at one of the ‘Big 4’ Accounting firms. Deep down however, she’s a creative spirit, writer, contributing editor at YNaija and an eagle in disguise. Fly with her on twitter @DamiOyedele.

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