Entry 78 by Olayinka Olorisade

How can I not be worried when we will be two or three or even four,ah!I must not think that.There is only one problem inside this belly please.I am not even sure if we will be two,at least I know a woman down the road who sells agbo,those herbalmixtures and I hear you can buy alabukun and mix it with 1cup and drink it and that problem will disappear, fiam!There is nothing I don’t hear here but please don’t let us go there either………..

Time has gone by so fast and I am very heavy now.I eat like there is a gorodom in my tummy.I can barely wake up in the mornings now,not even with all the noise.You see, I never visited that woman down the road because I had a visitor so many nights ago and it was not Rosco. Fool.He stopped calling me every night as soon as he saw what he and his thing had done to me.He only comes when he cannot hold himself any longer.It is not even like before,Rosco has become very clumsy these days,only that my hands and mouth now perform like magic.I never knew that his thing could taste so sweet,ah,I have been missing!I still miss those bumpy nights,but Rosco has shown me another method and it is very sweet too.I do not miss his N100 though. Me,I am just tired of all these people who shake their heads and say who carry belle give  this mad woman?They are the ones that are mad!Even that fool Rosco joins them when they are talking,can you imagine?Please,let me just tell you know why I don’t miss his N100.That visitor who came many nights ago has been coming regularly to see me and she,yes,a woman like me,brings food and money every time.N500,can you believe that? The first time she came,she came in one of those big charcoal cars and I was prepared to use these my teeth.Well,I did not need to because she was nice,she gave me food and money.She did not say what she wanted but she was crying when she left.Since then,she would just come with food and money and shine her teeth at me when she’s leaving.But yesterday was different.Yesterday was when she told me why she has always been coming.She can’t have a child,so she wants my baby.I suspected that,but I wanted her to talk first.Me ,I did not answer her o,I just turned my back,but I think I’ll give her,after all this place is too cold for a baby and I don’t even have enough money for two people.And don’t forget that this woman is very nice and has plenty money too.But what if she wants to use this my baby for money rituals,so she can have more money or live very long?That one will pain me o.All these stories that I hear here are very frightening. Me,I am very confused,what should I tell her when she comes again?

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