Entry 70 by Ajibola Rotimi

Could it be what am thinking or maybe am just reacting to weather conditions and illness from this cold mosquito environment? In case it is what am thinking, a child would be born; boy or girl or even twins…I would raise my child with or without its father or a supposed husband, if Rosco shows responsibilities or not. My Housemates would only wonder as to how I got pregnant, those whom had known me for years that I had being in this house would wonder what sort of Holy Spirit visitation I got this time. Some would want to rain causes on whoever must have done this to me, but this is one favour I please do not seek from them.

I would have to be very careful of gbomo gbomo’s that might exist around this neighborhood, did I tell you have also seen cases where babies of mad women and destitute are being taken or is it stolen. As for Rosco I can let him alone touch or carry my baby when its born, but that would be Rosco and Rosco alone, this would be quite strange to others but please let them say. Anyone else who makes an attempt at such privilege would be greeted with a good bite.

As for the new arrival, the madwoman am not accommodating her in this house from what she has just done, that’s madness, real madness or did I not tell you how she totally striped herself, she needs to go find her own settlement.

The walls of this house have ears so I hear them say things they seem to have heard only god knows where. Some gossiped the woman to be known to them and very promiscuous, that it was the repercussion of the things she had done, things like what Rosco and I must have been doing.

Mine would only be no secret if my baby is being born with the looks and dreadlocks of Rosco. I could only wonder if Rosco would still be sneaking me into his tattered danfo. Let my 100 naira not stop coming, this one that nobody wants to be giving alms to a supposed mad woman. Cause at least by then, people would be having the mindset that am not that kind of a Reveren sistaa. Possible advances from shameless men like Rosco would surely come more often now, may be even from all this big men that drive all this charcoal cars; I might just give anyone else whom might have being looking my way a chance if Rosco doesn’t return.

If this entire affair would have a happy ending that what I don’t know for now, cause right now I have a whole lot to think and worry about.

What could the day of my delivery look like; is it morning, afternoon or night. Would it be a mad rush during that hour or maybe a yet quite weekend?

But I guess from this day, my story has just begun.

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