Entry 69 by Adeseri Tobi

Its been two weeks since this problem started and it’s still there, thought it was because my period was due as I usually have stomach upsets when it is but its been a while and i haven’t seen my period.

Maybe I’l ask mama tutu what it is. I forgot to tell u, mama tutu is a yoruba woman that sells food down the road. I’ve known her for long now because she has been a very compassionate woman, she’s scared to come close to me sometimes because even though she feels I’m not completely mad, she’s not totally sure of it.

She helps me alot because I go there to fetch water for her sometimes. Mama tutu’s food is nice but very pepperish, I don’t like pepper very much. She serves rice and amala and most times give me food after I’m done fetching water.  She gives me mostly amala and puts one strong kpomo.

Later in the evening I went to mama tutu’s shop as usual to fetch water, I dropped it and waited outside for her because she was busy serving her customers. When she was done, I begged her to come close so I could tell her about this problem that has refused to go away.

I described everything I felt to mama tutu and she said “Its a lie”. I wondered why I would be lying to her or why she thought so. She kept saying “Its a lie” till she finally asked me if I saw my period last month, I told her no and immediately she brought a chair outside for me to sit.

Mama tutu likes amebo. I know this because hardly any day goes by without her having plenty of her yoruba friends around gisting and laughing. After I sat, mama tutu told me that what I had were symptoms of pregnancy.

I thought it was unbelievable but she continued insisting and asked If I’ve been sleeping with anybody, that’s when I started to feel she wasn’t joking. I told her nobody and she kept insisting “its a lie”. I later admitted and told her I had a boyfriend. She laughed maybe because she thought that was impossible.

It was around 6:30 that day and some customers kept trooping in. She told me to go and come later because she wanted to attend to them. I was confused because mama tutu had left me with no specific answer to my problem.

I started to have thoughts about being pregnant. Could this be true? Would that mean that Rosco is responsible? I can’t even take care of myself not to talk of a baby. All these thoughts were on my mind but the most persistent one was that it’s now 10:45pm and Rosco isn’t back yet. U see, its been two days since Rosco has called me inside his danfo. “Kai”! mama tutu says I’m pregnant and I’m still thinking about Rosco pounding me. Maybe I’m mad afterall.

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