Entry 68 by Opaola Olayide

I vomited yesterday when I had this feeling in my stomach. The vomit is very white just like yesterday’s own too. Could it be that aboki has started putting something in his indomie? The indomie was sweeter than usual yesterday.

I sleep off watching the mad woman. When I wake up, it’s already getting dark. Rosco is back and he looks sad. I will pay him more attention later, I’m hungry. The aboki has gone to pray but I can’t wait so I have to buy from the woman that I bit.

I can’t find Rosco’s molue, he’s in that corner where those grown men smoke igbo. I can hear what they are saying. Did I just hear what I think I did? LASTMA has seized Rosco’s bus!

Eeya, he’d have to pay to retrieve the bus and he looks like he can’t afford that. Wait o! No bus, no do-do! That is a problem o! God please let him call me tonight. Let’s do it anywhere. Just let him call me.

The nausea wakes me up in the morning and I rush to vomit. That small boy that moves with Baba Ara – the area father – is watching me awkwardly. I don’t like him. Maybe he has skun-skun worrying him.

I see the boy talking to Baba Ara later as I am going to eat and he says “Were yen ti loyun”. Fools, they are calling me mad, they didn’t see the one that…pregnant! Oh my God! All the signs! I should have suspected. I’m pregnant.

I have to tell Rosco as soon as he gets back. I can’t eat so I go back to sleep. When I wake, it’s dark and Rosco is in the small bus. I wait till everyone sleeps before knocking on the bus. He sees me and says “Mi o se lale yi”. I tell him that’s not what I came for though I’m disappointed.

Mo ti loyun fun e”. He looks scared, laughs awkwardly and then goes back to sleep. That’s all for now so I go back to my place.

I sleep very little and the nausea wakes me up and that small boy watches me vomiting. That day goes by uneventful except for Rosco talking to Baba Ara and giving me dirty stares. The day went by with thoughts of my pregnancy. At night however, I slept hoping Rosco would call me.

I wake up suddenly and I feel someone covering my head. My legs and hands are tied. They are carrying me and I am trying to kick and hit them but they are really strong. Someone punches me on my face and everywhere goes dark.

When I wake up, I’m in an unfamiliar place. It’s like my former home but its dirtier. I don’t know anyone around here.

So Rosco decided to get rid of me. I can’t find my way back to my home. That means I have to start a new life here. I and my child.

One response to “Entry 68 by Opaola Olayide

  1. Day to day i always feel nausea and it is mostly caused by my astigmatism (eye problems). There are other causes of nausea and mostly they are benign.”

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