Entry 67 by Onakunle Olayemi

So I left the scene and headed back to my house, but why would the woman dance round her wares almost half naked? Maybe the opinion of the passing driver was right – she’s going mad.

Ever since my uncle died some years ago people have been shaking their heads at me thinking that I am mad, even that fool – Rosco, but I have never exhibited such display. If that woman’s behavior is because she is mad, then I am not mad. I am only mistaken for a mad woman.

Rosco is not yet back. I wonder what is keeping him. He should come and call me into his bus for our routine. I am itching to have his big thing inside me, only that the fool refuses to talk to me in broad-day but reserve his intentions for the dark. I can’t sleep, waiting for the noise from Rosco’s danfo.

There’s usually traffic in front of my house but that of this morning was great. Lagos has always been like that; traffic everywhere. LASTMA officials were passing vehicles. When I started occupying my house there was no LASTMA then, only people like policemen called ‘Yellow-fever’ by Rosco and his friends. I saw Rosco bathing still refusing to remove his short. The fool has not called me to his danfo for weeks now.

I have been feeling dizzy and weak for quite some time now, even at times I vomit giving people more reason to cover their noses when they pass in front of my house – well, that’s their problem . I know that I am not sick but my belly is swelling. This morning I saw people in the traffic pointing at me and whispering something about me. I know they are talking about me, about my belly but I am not bothered. What bothers me is that Rosco no longer calls me to his danfo bus and it is killing me.

Suddenly a white bus stopped in front of my house and four men grabbed me from behind. A woman whose hands were in white gloves examined me, precisely my belly.  She said I am pregnant and I struggled with the men who held me as I was carried to the bus. By then Rosco had finished his bath and joined the crowd looking at us. I hate crowd. I screamed, calling Rosco but he shook his head and disappeared from the crowd. I saw him disappear but I continued to shout. People thought I was mad but I knew Rosco’s thing caused my belly to swell.

All the fools didn’t take my shout seriously, and Rosco didn’t come to my rescue so I was brought here, where people dressed in white continue to touch me. I know that I am not mad and the thing Rosco and I did made my belly swell. I hate this place and I miss my house. I am not mad; those fools that didn’t take me serious are the mad ones.

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