Entry 66 by Osowe Oluwagbenga

I remember when the woman that used to sell akara was beating her daughter Amina. Some drivers passing by my house said she was pregnant and that she was vomiting. But am I pregnant?

And I can not even ask Rosco anything!  What will people say if I am pregnant? Those who say that I am mad will now call me the pregnant mad woman, abi?

Hey! See as people are laughing at this mad woman. Some are even bringing out their phones like the one Rosco uses! I hate to hear the sound of that thing any time I am with him.

There was a day he was already removing his shorts when that thing rang. He just answered, heard some words and pushed me away. He did not touch me that night but sent me away from his danfo and it really pained me because he had not come for two days before that, but thank God that he still gave me N100. That  day, I touched myself for a long time before sleeping.

Ojuelegba- Costain- CMS! Ojuelegba- Costain-CMS! Ehn, ehn, I don’t know what is happening in this our areas nowadays, I only see that there are mores buses passing than before and I now hear people passing by the house talking of bridge and mainland . And why are there so many people gathered at that bus park and what are they looking at on the ground?

This can’t be true! It’s Rosco and there is blood on his forehead with a big wound there. People are saying that he is dead. They say he was killed hit by a stray bullet.

But why Rosco?  I tried to scream why but the words are not coming out as the ground turns upside down.


I am here but this is not my house! All the walls here are painted white and there are curtains all around. This place smells of drugs and I feel pain in my buttocks as if something poked me there.

This man and woman in white have come into the room and they are talking about me. They said I had cholera because I had been drinking bad water. So, I am not pregnant after all, yet tears are falling freely from my eyes. This people say I will be taken to a Yaba left and they think that’s why I am crying. But that’s not the cause of my tears.

I cry not because I will miss my house, it was never really much of a house any way. But I cry because Rosco, my beloved lover is dead! And I cry because I have nothing to remember him with.

11 responses to “Entry 66 by Osowe Oluwagbenga

  1. Nice one vivid A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ real, interesting A̶̲̥̅̊nϑ straight to thepoint Nice work Bro VOTED

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