Entry 65 by Ofordile Tony-Okeke

Worried not of my feelings but because I think I have acted mad for long. It really is my fault. How could I have waited this long to nail this aboki for selling spoilt eggs to me? He must be stupid to think that I have not been noticing how spoilt his eggs have been for the past four months.

Now is the time to prove my condition. They must all now know that I am not mad. My evidence is so glaring; brighter than the headlamps of Rosco’s danfo. I have waited for so long for it to build. Now, day don break.

Even Rosco does not know of my evidence. I try as much as possible to hide it away from him when we do what we do but get carried away most times. Who would not?

Luckily enough, he never gets to notice it. He is so excited with how big my boobs have become that he fails to see the evidence just below them. Selfish bastard, instead of concentrating on the pounding, he now focuses more on the boobs. Only if he knew how painful they have become of late. I cannot complain. Who else would be dumb enough to satisfy me freely and still dash me a hundred naira.

It is from this hundred naira and little cash people throw at me that I have been able to put up weight. I have noticed this lovely weight gain since the past month. I even intentionally eat more food now to keep it up. Why should I not want to be an orobo when it is the spec of babes Rosco swags around with during the day. When I burst the wayo business this aboki is doing and prove I am not mad, Rosco should be able to carry me in the front seat of his danfo.

Talking about this aboki, I better expose him today. I cannot continue eating those rotten eggs just to build up evidence. Since I started eating them, I wake up every morning feeling sick. Only God knows if it also causes malaria, because I now always feel weak. I no longer feel that Rosco is quick on me as I even get tired before he is done. Olorun maje! This aboki must pay for this.

How?, As in?, You say?, You mean?, were questions that greeted me from people as I physically attacked and accused the aboki mallam when I got to his kiosk of selling spoilt eggs that has made my belly swell this much.  These were also the same questions I asked myself when I was told that it cannot be the eggs that made my belly swell but that I might be pregnant. Questions only me knew the answers to.

I wonder. I just wonder. What a day! I might not have been able to prove that I am not mad but at least, I proved I am not a “Reveren Sistaa”.


13 responses to “Entry 65 by Ofordile Tony-Okeke

  1. I cnt stop laughing,,,,,lmao!!!!! Buh cool anyways,at least she don prove her point,,hahhahahhaa

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