Entry 64 by Egbosimbah Emmanuel

I know what this means.  It means I am making a child, my stomach will grow and grow till I cannot bend to arrange my house anymore.  I don’t want one.  They bring the brown people.  Last month they carried one woman that used to stay here with us, before that other one pretending she cannot see anybody came here to stay.

She too thinks I am mad.  She sits there all day doing nothing.  Once I told her that watching cars pass was fun and I tried to get her to see one of those Big ones with the charcoal windows, she ignored me till it passed.  If she likes she can be looking at the walls of the house till she dies.

Where was I?  The brown people.  Yes o! thats how that woman’s tummy started to grow and grow and grow.  Then one day one of the cars parked at our frontage and one old woman came down.  She went to her and asked her a question the way you asked me when you first came here and then she too told her about life in this place.  I know because I asked after she left.

The next day the old woman came back with two men wearing brown clothes.  They grabbed the woman, shoved her in their car and drove off.  I was buying indomie and egg when it happened.  Before I could cross the road back they had left.  I would have used my teeth.

Dont worry, I dont use my teeth on everybody.  I wont use it on you.  Only bad people.  Bad people like those men who come late at night.  They drive by a few times first, then they park a little way off.  Sometimes they snatch a woman in her sleep, sometimes they stay.  Its all for the same reason.  One of them tried it with me, I didnt wake up till he had his hands on my thighs and his trousers around his ankles.  I wonder what explanation he gives for the bite mark on his leg.

I told you when you first came.  This is not my house but I live here.  You won’t want to call this place your home but its mine and i’m not leaving it.  If the brown people come, i’ll use my teeth.

There are many things I have seen in this place.  I cannot tell you everything.  You can ask the others that stay here they will have stories to tell.  But be careful, don’t go near those grown men that smoke hemp, they will take your money and this your television thing from you.  And that man, the one in that corner, don’t ask him either, He is mad.

I have to go now. I cannot talk to you anymore.  Rosco has just come back and I want him to see me.  I hope he calls me tonight.


3 responses to “Entry 64 by Egbosimbah Emmanuel

  1. THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit. this seems like the most logical yet entertaining ending so far. No convoluted family trees, nightmares or 3rd party point of views. Simplicity.

  2. Can you feel the tremble on my thumb as I type. And the shiver that sits at the bottom of my spine. You caused it. I don’t have flattering words to use. And all these other entrants that think they are better than the story that they are telling. I shake my head. You see you… You represented the story well… From my point of view. And I will vote for you. But do you know there’s more you left out? Read http://bit.ly/entry17. I told it here. Beautiful piece you did. I totally fall for it. thanks for contesting.

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