Entry 62 by Jibola Lawal

By night, I’d vomited three times. I got better later o. But I noticed my ankles were swollen when I was going to the roundabout to get the food these people always leave for me there. I ate the Eko and boiled eggs, with palm oil splattered over it, with relish.

Now, I see Rosco come down from his bus and walk towards me. My body tingles at the thought of what will happen. He doesn’t waste time. Tonight is sweet with a difference. As he pounds me, I hear something. People usually don’t walk around this late. I look over to where the whispered voices are coming from. It’s around Rosco’s Danfo. I look at him but he doesn’t seem to have noticed so I relax and continue to enjoy him. Ahnahn, the strong smell of alcohol on his breath has to be Alomo.

Before Uncle died, he used to drink that bitter thing before he’d do those naughty things to me for hours. Ah, it’s sweet. I put my hands on Rosco’s Yansh to pull him deeper into me. I want to scream but I hide my mouth in his shoulder. I can hear him groaning hard. He’s nearly done and I can feel the sweetness growing.

That’s when it happens.

Rosco is dragged off me. I can hear men laughing, kicking and jeering at him. They call him a fool for sleeping with a mad woman. I am not mad! I scream, bite and tear at who I can. They are too many so they overpower me and one of them sits on my back, between my shoulder-blades. I can feel grain of sand poking my bare breasts.  I turn my head in the direction of Rosco and see, the one who seems to be, the leader tell them to stop. He shines a torch in Rosco’s face. There’s blood all over him – his face, his sides, everywhere. I hear him ask Rosco whether he was responsible for Scorpion’s death. I hear Rosco laugh. He spits out blood and one of his teeth at the leader.

The leader turns off the torch and walks away from Rosco. I hear him say over his shoulder, “E sha wele-wele“. I scream loud as I hear the order for his death. The man on my back must weigh ten bags of rice because I can’t even move. I hear their machetes cut his flesh, and hit his bone. The sound of that and Rosco’s screams make me dizzy and I feel like vomiting the fourth time today.   

They soon walk away, laughing at me crying for Rosco. But they can’t understand why. I will miss him and the sweet things he does to me.

Don’t worry, I say to Rosco’s bloody body. I know what to do. I will get the knife I keep with my belongings. I am going to keep his big thing as a reminder of how good he made me feel down there.

8 responses to “Entry 62 by Jibola Lawal

  1. LoL! No way she wasn’t mad though!!! I mean… Keeping ‘that’ as a souvenir? Full blown crazy..

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