Entry 59 by Rowena Bernard

I can’t worry about her too much, because I myself I have a problem growing in my stomach, I feel like vomiting, and I am very dizzy and I am very worried

Sometime before Uncle died 5years ago, or six or seven, I felt like this too. I don’t remember what happened after that because that was shortly before I started living somewhere outside before coming here.

I told Uncle that evening I was feeling bad in my stomach but he only said “Don’t worry its nothing, I’ll take you to someone who can make you feel better”. I only wondered if Uncle wanted his friend to touch me like he touches me too.

One evening uncle took me to a hospital, I guess that was alright, since Aunty always takes me to a hospital when I am sick, although not this one, this one is very far. We drove and drove. After we came back, I became better. Not immediately thou. I saw plenty blood.

Uncle used to call me just like Rosco, only he liked to force me. Whenever aunty went shopping or travelled for the weekend. Sometimes everyday, sometimes only at weekends, it wasn’t as sweet as Rosco, but that was before I knew how sweet Rosco’s thing can be. I didn’t understand at first, but he liked it so much, I always forgot my anger afterwards.

Aunty was supposed to go for a business trip one weekend, but she arrived a few minutes before midnight.  Maybe she was suspecting us before. I can’t remember.

Uncle and I did not hear her until she stabbed Uncle in the chest two times and his neck one time. I only remember Uncles’ blood spilling on my face and seeing Aunty trying to stab me too.

I heard the doctor from the hospital where I was first taken to say that I killed Uncle and Aunty.  Aunty killed Uncle, I didn’t. Aunty was nice, why would I do that? But everyone says I did. I am not mad. But everyone thinks I am.

Thinking about that last time with Uncle and Aunty makes me have headache, big mighty ones.

Since I don’t know where Uncle took me that last time that made me feel better, maybe I will just go to one hospital near where I live, and tell them to make me feel better, I just hope they will listen, because they all think I’m mad

Back to what I was saying… the things I see here every day… No let’s not talk about that yet, I’m very worried.

5 responses to “Entry 59 by Rowena Bernard

  1. Short and beautiful piece. I love the way the story ends abruptly, it makes me long for more. Most importantly, I love the innocence portrayed in the story.

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