Entry 56 by Yemi Ajala

Worried about the vomiting that I have been doing every morning since two weeks ago.  Worried about that faint yesterday afternoon that nobody in this whole place noticed – hmmm, God will judge them.

I am seriously worried that everybody will now finally know I am not “Reveren sistaa” like they have been calling me…that me and Rosco has been doing it …because this thing growing in my tummy is feeling like…is feeling like…

“Haaaaa!” the woman said and stopped singing. “Mo fe loyun loyun! Mo fe loyun loyun” she started a new song, saying the words over and over again, dancing like her waist was made of rubber, her legs made of spring and the upper part of her body like umbrella dancing inside heavy rain, saying she wants to get pregnant.

“Come and take my own you idiot” part of my brain wanted to shout; after all, what can I be but pregnant? Because this is how Ashana’s own started three years ago under this same bridge after Manuwa has been doing that thing Rosco has been doing with me with her just three times.

But another part of me said no, you are not pregnant o…you must not be pregnant lailai. Do you want what happened to Ashana, your friend happen to you?

A man dressed in white-white everything that was among the people started saying that the woman is reacting to something called “Magun” placed on her by somebody, most likely her husband and she’s suffering because she was innocent. People started feeling for her and asking the man questions. Stupid people –do innocent people suffer?

Suddenly the woman grabbed a bottle from her bowl and removed her wrapper and pant very fast – faster than my Rosco when he comes at night to me. If you see her thing ehn, it made me jealous walahi. All the men there started bouncing on the balls of their feet like Rosco at nights that make me know he will come to me- their eyes almost coming out of their eyes.

The woman now did something that made me shiver to my soul: SHE PLACED THE BOTTLE IN HER THING! Kai! All the people shouted, while me, I vomited. That was when I knew I was not mad. How can they say me and that mad woman are the same?

As I looked up after vomiting, I saw the man wearing white-white covering the woman up and Rosco, my Rosco, parking his danfo beside her. He now went and helped the white-white man put her inside the danfo and drove them away

He will come and meet me here today. Everything me and him have been doing, everybody must hear today. He now wants to abandon me now abi? We shall see. I will show him I am not mad at all at all. What happened to Ashana must not happen to me lailai.

2 responses to “Entry 56 by Yemi Ajala

  1. How will I forgive myself if I missed reading this interesting story. I have been reading entries randomly and I sure like this one. The judges will have a hard time. Seriously. Many good stories. Many brilliant writers. So much for creative thinking. God bless you.

  2. Hmmm nice, but be mindful of misusing pronouns in subject and object positions eg” How can they say me and that mad woman are thesame”

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