Entry 54 by Uche Ejiogu

Even though I hadn’t bought Indomie and egg that morning, I was not feeling hungry. Suddenly, the need to vomit became too much. I ran to the tree beside my house, squatted and vomited. I wiped my mouth with my wrapper and covered up what I vomited with sand.

For the rest of the day I sat and watched the traffic and the conductors shouting loudly. And they say I am mad. Fools.

In the evening I went to the aboki across the road with my plate and cup and bought Indomie and tea. I did not order egg as usual. I knew it would make me vomit. I ate slowly and waited for Rosco to come back. After eating I fell asleep.

By the time I woke up it was already night. I could hear some people talking and laughing loudly. I could also smell igbo in the air. I knew it was Rosco and his gang. I was excited that he had come back, but not as excited as before. I knew why; it’s the problem growing in my stomach.

Later, one by one, Rosco’s friends left. When he was alone, he started whistling. That was the way he used to call me whenever he was ready for me, as if I’m a dog. i didn’t really mind. His thing and the usual one hundred Naira note made me not to mind. My legs were already shaking slightly as I thought of his hard thing. I tied my wrapper well and walked to his danfo. HE was sitting on the seat where conductors normally stay when they are shouting. He threw away the cigarette which he was smoking and stepped on it. He had already shifted the seats at the back where I usually lie when he is pounding me. I removed my wrapper and lay down. Rosco climbed on top of me and started pounding and grunting like a pig. As usual, I wanted him to stay longer, BUT, as usual, he was too quick. That night I didn’t mind much.

After he squeezed the usual one hundred Naira note into my hand, I told him that I was pregnant. He started shouting and raining curses on me. He told me to get out from his Danfo and ran to fetch a stick. I ran away as fast as my legs could carry me. That night, for the first time since I knew him, Rosco did not sleep near the uncompleted building that I call my house. He drove away as if the devil was pursuing him.

It’s been three months since that night. I haven’t seen Rosco again and the problem inside my stomach is growing bigger. Because Rosco no longer gives me money, I now walk around begging people for money and food. They laugh at me and call me all sorts of names but I no longer care. all I think of is the problem growing inside my stomach.

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