Entry 52 by Ugochukwu Ogonna

…This is why I know that I’m not mad. Because if  I were mad, I wouldn’t have known that these were signs of pregnancy.

Only two nights ago, Rosco must have thought  I was in my period, because as he called me into his Danfo, he quickly put his hands under my wrapper and made his way to my pubic area. He had no delay reaching my organ. But why would he? When the pant on my waist was already badly torn. I’ve had it as long as I could remember.

Rosco was relieved as he reached between my legs and realized that I wasn’t on my period. That was when I wanted to tell him that I was going to have a baby.

Our baby. But then he started un-zipping his trousers. And I held my breathe. And the news too. Because I know Rosco wouldn’t even want to hear it.

The next  morning, I was awakened by a sudden pressure from my stomach, and before I knew it, I was bending over and vomiting.

Rosco saw me, and then rushed off  in his Danfo. I guess he was worried, and probably not ready to father a child. Fool! And he has been busy pounding me all these while without protection. What was he thinking? That he wasn’t a man?

And now, I’m afraid of having another baby, because they always get too sick even before a few months and then die. The last time I had a baby, he had died of an unknown sickness. So also the one before him.

And just incase you were wondering, the other babies I had before weren’t Roscos’, they were fathered by my very own uncle. Shameless man as he is! Thank God nemesis has caught up with him -or was I a part of that nemesis that helped him to his untimely grave?  Whatever the case, he is dead now. Buried and also forgotten.

I have come to understand that it was all the things I have passed through in this life that has made me demented and people think that I am mad. But I’m not.

Only that life has been unfair to me. Let me not go into my life history –you wouldn’t even want me to.

And now, I’ve decided to have this baby. I know he’ll have those good looks on Rosco’s face; good looks that only I have acknowledged.

Only last night, Rosco had given me a very smelly concoction that he said would make me feel better by flushing out the pregnancy, but I’ve made up my mind to have this baby, because this is the first time I’m pregnant for a man that I care about. The very first time, out of about four times. Or is it five? Or maybe six.

9 responses to “Entry 52 by Ugochukwu Ogonna

    • yes, dear. i decided to forget about the woman because in the original manuscript, the author said, and i quote “i removed my eyes from the lady, because i have a problem growing in my stomach…”. and so i thought it wise to face the problem.

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