Entry 51 by Oludare Oluwatosin

The many nights of activity between Rosco and I had produced unwanted result. I never had an idea that Rosco’s heart could be felt in mine.

I had a lot to worry about as I could not even bother to check myself. All that I could remember was seeing me in the Hospital. What am I doing here? The labeled mad woman lay on white sheets.

A handsome young man who looked like an Angel mumbled a few words to me; all I could grasp was that Rosco’s heart had disappeared. Tears flowed through my eyes as I pondered within myself why it would even leave me in the first instance. Then it hit me, he had put a thing in the only Coca- Cola he ever bought me in his entire life. He must have probably noticed what I never observed.

I never felt so much pain in my entire life as that very minute laying on that sheet. The only being that would have loved me has been forcefully taken away from me. Sadness and sorrow has overshadowed my life time.

All these memories ran through my tiny brain as I ambushed Rosco while poured water on his head. I had never been that strong for myself before, this is a first. His danfo squealed through the fire I set up for her as he laid unconscious at his point of death.

I felt very incomplete as I had nowhere to go. My only safe place I had burnt to ashes, due to my mourning. Rosco was gone; the gang was nowhere to be found. Who else would I turn too? The anger in me dint even make me realize I had missed I and Rosco’s activity.

Wandering through the streets of Lagos, sleeping under the bridges that have been redecorated by the government, I felt bitter and free! The mad woman feels angst and knows freedom too. Nothing else mattered until one day; I was picked by these officials who were on a patrol. They said facilities had been put in place for people like me.

If only they knew what I carried, if only they knew I wasn’t mad. If only they I don’t deserve to be kept in such prison. Days passed slowly into months and it seemed like I would never make it out alive.

Stadium, Lawanson, Oshodi did I hear from the rooftop. Rosco’s noisy danfo was making her usual sound while mosquitoes were busy dancing in my ears. I woke up; thanks to the slap I gave myself all in the name of mosquito killing. The hiss I did in my reality only made me worse to know that I was only dreaming.

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