Entry 45 by Femi Gabriel

I’m worried about myself because the way I’m feeling makes me think I’m pregnant which I know I’m not.

How can I be pregnant with that quick thing Rosco is doing to me when we don’t make love like married people, or even have sex properly?

I wish I have people to discuss with, but I can’t because they all think I’m mad when I know I’m not. It’s only Rosco that seems to understand me, only the fool will not allow me talk to him except when he wants to use that his shiny thing on me at night, the mere thought of it is already making my body to do yori yori.

Eewoo! See plenty people looking at this woman o, the men are more than the women, yeye people they want to see her breast but the woman disappoints them by tying her buba over her bra while laughing wildly. Truly this woman is mad, thank God I’m not.

One woman around bursts into tears saying “Aye ma ni ka o” meaning the world is wicked, and I waved to her to pacify her, but on seeing me she cries the more. Maybe she’s going mad too, or the mad woman owes her money.

Now I remember someone owes me money too. One foolish man came to put food near my house one night like that and signalled to me to come and eat. I said I will not eat because the food was in a calabash and not a fine plate, and he said I should not worry that he will use a fine plate to bring it next time. I told him I will not eat unless he gives me money and he gave me a new N500 note. He promised to give me more the next day if I eat the food quickly and I did. Though the food wasn’t delicious as it was eko and palm oil, but the promise of more money made me eat everything and even licked the calabash.

The mumu did not come back but I enjoyed the N500 he gave me. When next I see him I will collect the money he promised me, though I can’t remember his face very well, I will remember his voice because he speaks like oyinbo. Maybe he has gone back to London.

I feel like vomiting again, I’m afraid o. My breast hurts too. Abi I don get belle ni? Me I dey fear o because na only Rosco dey do me.

When Rosco comes this evening I will not wait till its dark because he will want to sleep with me again without hearing what I want to say. I will go and meet him when he’s with his friends and tell him “Rosco, e be like say that thing wey we dey do don turn to belle o.

19 responses to “Entry 45 by Femi Gabriel

  1. Double thumbs up bro, I know its in you. Please answer this question, “why did you study Agric. Econs instead of Mass Comm, English or Journalism?”

    • Thanks bro. About your question, the truth is that I was confused as a young lad, but nothing can separate me from my first love – writing

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