Entry 44 by Oreoluwa Tobby

Since I moved to this house, I have never been sick. But now that I am having this weird feeling I don’t even know what to do.

I took the 100naira Rosco gave me the previous night after he did his usual pounding and went ahead to the Aboki to buy indomie and egg at least that is the only solution I can think of now.

Halfway, I noticed I forgot to take my plate from under the tyre I use as my pillow. I decided to turn back to get my plate or else that useless Aboki and his customers would start making jest of there wifes and mothers and not me…mscheew.

I don’t understand how all this people think. I turned my back to go and get my plate, only for me to find all eyes were on me just like the title of that “taka sufe” song Muri always plays in the evening. Nobody dances to the tune in our area only Muri knows how to dance to it. I think Rosco and his friends prefer Osupa or Pasuma.

I heard some of the people whispering like I was the witch that caused the Lacasera woman’s madness mscheew. I even heard some whispering “Reveren Sistaa”. God saved their skins I was having blur images of them. After all I have never asked the woman for anything because of the way she is always nagging all the time.

Next thing I knew, I heard the crowd screaming “REVEREN SISTAA!!!”…I think I fell flat on the floor. I even heard one woman say “o ma se ooo, were meeji lojo kan”. I am not mad, I am sick

I opened my eyes and found myself in clean clothes, my hair shaved, my skin clean.

I was about to get up and meet the man that pastor, the one that always makes unnecessary noise with his bell in the morning at the junction was always talking about. The one that he said was preparing a place for us in a beautiful place when one very fat woman that looks like Iya Sola that sells pap near iya alakara opened the door and shouted “DOCTOR! DOCTOR!!” She has woken up.

I felt them insert a very sharp thing in my chained arm and I began to feel very dizzy again like when I fell near my house but I still heard the doctor tell the fat woman to be careful because I was pregnant…PREGNANT???

For the first time in a long time I dreamt. What a sweet dream it was. I saw me and Rosco together not in our normal house, this time in one those fine fine Fashola’s garden playing with two babies.

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