Entry 42 by Oladimeji Ojo

I am very worried.  Maybe I have chicken flu.  I remember when they used to waste chickens everyday because they made people sick.  I did not believe it.  When my uncle was alive, Chicken was what we ate every Happy New Year.

If it is not chicken flu, it must be something flu.  Maybe I have taken too much Indomie.  It cant be.  People come there everyday and fight for food like they do at that woman’s place on the next street where they sell Amala and goatmeat.  They wouldnt like the food so much if they knew that the woman bathes in her pots every night.

I want Indomie and Egg.  I get up and arrange my house and run across the road.   When my food is ready, I hand Mallam my plate.  He fills and returns it.  I put my fingers into it.  I cannot wait to cross back home, I want the indomie now.  After the fourth handful, the food starts to smell somehow.  My stomach is turning just looking at it.  Then I vomit.  My morning Indomie and my afternoon Indomie on the side of the road.

Mallam’s customers start to leave.  Squeezing their faces.  One of the women whispers to her companion, ‘eleyi ti loyun o’.  I know what that means.  I would make a baby.  A boy that would be big like Rosco and drive a danfo or a girl that would watch the world pass  like me.  A boy, I decide, my little Rosco.

When Rosco was done humping me,  He squeezed a crumpled 100 naira into my hand.  I am happy he called me tonight.  Instead of leaving, I hold on to his shirt, pat my stomach then gesticulate as if holding a baby.  He understands immediately.  He looks shocked, then afraid, then angry.  He growls then pushes me down from his danfo.  Minutes later he drives off swearing and cursing like he does before a fight.

I am afraid, afraid and worried.  Rosco might not come back.  If he does, he might not call me into his danfo again.  I would miss Rosco’s thing.  Maybe little rosco will have a big thing too and I can have that instead.

When morning came, i arranged my house.  Rosco did not come back in the night.  I want him to be here.  I dont know why.  I saw the mallam setting up his wares.  Indomie and egg.  It made me vomit yesterday but i want it this morning.  I swear i can smell it from across the express.

I am halfway across when i see the big danfo coming at me.  One of these careless drivers.  I dont know whether to run back or forward.  I just stand there.

When I hit the ground I knew 2 things, First, there is never going to be a little rosco, he is the blood I can feel staining my legs and Second, Rosco too is a careless driver.

12 responses to “Entry 42 by Oladimeji Ojo

  1. Brilliant! I have to confess, reading your piece is as captivating as the main story. A perfect ending. Best of luck!

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