Entry 41 by Hansel Praise

Hello you must be Sandy. I am Danielle your half sister. All I can see is an intruder because I have never seen this face before in my life. Yes you don’t know me but my mum does know you. I came in contact with yor picture one day and that was how I found out about you. Danielle or Wetin you call yourself what’s the name of your father? Mr. Donald Michaels. An unknown shock went through her. That is my father’s name as well it’s heartbreaking to know that he is dead the saddest thing ever. Yes he didn’t deserve to go like that in a ghastly plane crash may his soul rest in peace. How about your mum? Danielle asked thoughtfully. She died giving birth to me. That’s so sad. So Danielle why are you here? I came to take you with me to Abuja, my mum doesn’t know about it she would kill me if she finds out. Its time to move away from this shell you need to socialize.
But I don’t want to live I love it here. She recollected those nights with Rosco and her face beamed with delight.
Please Sandy I don’t like the type of life you are living here that is why I am here to take you to a proper place. Okay Danielle. Great so start parking all your belongings we are going straight away. Can’t we wait till another time? I will need to do something here before I go. Come on sandy start packing. With gloominess of spirit she gathered the little things she had and things she called her possessions. She left a note on the table in her room. And she went without telling anyone.
Following day in Abuja Danielle introduced Sandy to her fellow mates in the prostitution business. Sandy almost fainted she left the place without permission packed her things and traveled back to lavish where she belongs and  at the back of her mind she knew Rosco would there. Until God asks me to move then I know am a step ahead.

I couldn’t take it anymore I peeped carefully outside and there stood a beautiful young lady with fine dark hair and a lovely face. I have never seen her around who might she be and what does she want from me. After pondering for some minutes she reluctantly opened the door and there still standing was the stranger.

With the wave of sickness over me I struggled to get home but the image of the woman who was called mad lingered in my head. I wondered what became of her.
Life has always been unfair, why can’t we all be equal. The world is such a cruel place. She said to herself.


4 responses to “Entry 41 by Hansel Praise

  1. I realy dont get the connection. Lyk seriously,I felt I was reading something completely different. The story is totally not in sync with the first story. Sorry but 2 be candid I don’t get the gist!

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