Entry 40 by Ogunmuyiwa Adesola

It is really getting to me; I am disturbed to my stomach.  I don’t know what it is that’s making me feel as if I am sick. Where do I get money for a doctor to do a check up on me? Since I relocated to this place I call home after the death of my uncle, I have never been sick for once. If you look at my environment, you won’t be able to fault it to be dirty. I equally endeavor to eat a balance diet. Like the indomie from the Aboki with egg.

Or could it have been Rosco’s fault? Could I have contracted some infectious disease from Rosco? Yeepaa! Should have known. Rosco is always scratching his balls each time his hands are not holding on to the steering or my breast. I swear he is a dead man, I will…But come to think of it, if I feel like vomiting while weakness and dizziness are the twin symptoms that follow…So? O my head! At last. So Rosco has succeeded filling me up. Wow! I must be pregnant? That’s it!

I won’t lie to you, this revelation has made my perspiration rise faster than my heart can handle. Song (what a marvellous God, He has done marvellous things for me). Its time Rosco treated me with some respect. He must start by showing me to his friends here as the mother of his forthcoming baby, enough of him secretly engaging me in the night.

But listen and it’s a secrete o, don’t tell Rosco. If he refuses to show me to his friends, I will personally go and meet them. One by one will I meet them, and I will kneel down, and I will be shy, and I will say good afternoon sir. I just want to tell you I am Rosco’s wife because he has impregnated me. And I will stand up, and I will go to another person.

Rosco my sugar, the testimonies of you in bed with me couldn’t have been complete without this crown of worthy pregnancy you just bestowed upon me. Indeed, you are a real man. I feel your presence in me always; now, the whole world will share in my joy with this baby. You have return with proofs from the mountain of my body you climb every night.

If you asked me, I am thinking we should start preparation for the naming. For instance, being the mother of the child, I have to be eating food that won’t disturb the baby. Also, he must take me to see his family. The thought of seeing my child’ extended family gladdens my heart.

Let me tell you, tonight in our danfo, before I allow Rosco touch me…but wait a minute, what if Rosco denies this pregnancy? What if he denies he ever touched me or gives people the impression that I am mad? No! Then maybe I am actually mad because if he did, I will kill him.

24 responses to “Entry 40 by Ogunmuyiwa Adesola

  1. Writing out D thoughts of human is a lovely concept,it’s d source of every action… Ɣε§ I’ll like this if I should more than once.

  2. Bravo! Dis is lovely,ur concept is nyc en unique…kip it up,u will surely get dere…
    Words cnt jst xpress hw much I luv dis.u ar d bomb,I ll vote more dan once if possible

  3. Solly,u jst inspired me to go back to my first love which is writting nd poem.ds is awesome.keep it up.solidly behind u boy.

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