Entry 39 by Ajoke Ilori

Worried I now realise is an understatement. I just found out from the gossips that sell burukutu at the garage the symptoms I’m feeling could be pregnancy symptoms.

Ahhh!!! How do I tell Rosco that I am pregnant? He would never take me serious. Even people would not believe me because they think I’m raving mad and speak rubbish.

Rosco arrived late that night again to rape me as usual. I didn’t let him go through with it telling him I was having a fever. He laughed scornfully and spat in my face with venomous words reeling out of his mouth. Another person don dey do you abi? He asked me. I didn’t bother replying and kept my usual silence. My mind is in a haze, thinking about what to do with ‘this thing’ growing inside of me.

Its 4am the next day and as usual, everywhere has started getting busy. Bus drivers are arriving at the garage, hawkers and peddlers looking to start their daily routine. I on the other hand am nauseous, I had vomitted twice already this morning and was still feeling queasy. I spotted Rosco as usual washing his bus getting ready for the day ahead. He looked straight at me and cursed in a whisper.

He soon finished washing his bus and decided to go for a shot of alcohol across the road. I was picking my clothes from the ground when I heard it… Tires screeching and hissing, a loud bang and then a car zooming off. Before I could say Jack Robinson, a little early morning crowd had gathered. I rushed to see what happened and lying in the midst of the crowd in his own pool of blood was Rosco.

I rushed to him screaming, knelt beside him and cradling his head in my arms, calling out his name. Were!! Comot for there, make we carry am go hospital!! People around shouted and pushed me away.

He was taken to the hospital and patiently I waited at the garage. 5 long hours later, he arrived with bandages on his head, shoulder and sides. I didn’t mind who saw me, I rushed to him, asking how he was doing. To my pleasant surprise, he was happy seeing me and even held me close. We went to his bus, sat at the back row and before I could caution myself, I had told him I was pregnant for him.

He shouted in joy, tried jumping up but his head hit the roof of the bus.

We started talking about a future together. I termed ‘mad’ was thinking of settling down. Suddenly, I heard a buzz…. These mosquitoes again!!! I tried to kill it but hit myself so hard on the cheek.

The startling slap I gave myself woke me up. I looked around, the sun was still shining, where am I? Then I remembered. I was still on the bench I fell asleep on some hours ago. So it has been a dream all along!


16 responses to “Entry 39 by Ajoke Ilori

  1. I cant count the number of times i read and re-read this piece. Its such an interesting one that got me glued to the screen. Believe me, this piece would arrest the interest of any individual. Keep it up!

  2. Awesome read, an evidence of years of intensive practical training in theatre arts…double thumbs up “Jokesapart”!.

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