Entry 36 by Ololade Olatunji

I  feel like sharing my worry with someone but who cares to listen to me when all everyone does is to look at me, shake their heads and walk away?  Don’t people get tired of doing certain things? Shior! Rosco who should be of little help is always mute whenenever he comes to settle scores. When he came that night and saw me vomitting and shaking heavily, the idiot walked away.

As days rolled by, the problem in my stomach started giving me discomfort. And that apparently chased Rosco away. So that foolish guy hasn’t heard in his entire empty life that what goes up will surely come down?

Anyways, guess who i saw later? The softdrinks seller that ran mad, infact i wouldn’t have seen her if not for the rants of Up Chelsea! that woke me up. I had vowed to storm the viewing centre and stage a sweet revenge, cos one time like that they all chased me out when i went to ask for my change from that tomtom seller. Height of wickedness!

As i stood up, I saw that woman pass by, i was moved to tears because she was stark naked. Before i could gather some spare clothes to give her, she was nowhere to be found. It was painful but God knows i made efforts to assist her.

As i sat down, writhing in pains,Silifa oniparaga came close and placed a cup of Agbo beside me. For once in my life, i felt like hugging her but she quickly walked away. She’s not only kind to me in this hood, i also cherish the fact that we share one thing in common, our dreadlocked hair. But i envy her colour riot face. And there’s a reason for that look. Let me tell you how i knew. One Soji man who consume all sorts of drinks in her stall came one day. I did not believe what i saw, i know he used to smack her bumbum anyhow but that day, he gripped her sagged breasts and then dragged her to one corner. The rest is history. And that has been going on and on like that. From different men too.

I know God doesn’t forsake his people. Did i tell you the thing in my stomach started working wonders for me? God shamed Rosco who stopped giving me money. One woman with a fine car came one day, she stared at my stomach and started crying. That wasn’t all, she approached me, dropped a N500 note and ran off. That’s how people have been dashing me money. I noticed that cycle; they’ll gaze at my stomach, cry or shake their miserable heads and then throw money, some people will bring food or drugs, i always fling the drugs. Then i started having enough money. But i have one fear, is it that this swelling thing will not let me see Rosco again?

19 responses to “Entry 36 by Ololade Olatunji

  1. I like this conclusion,she’s in her own world..considering the fact she doesn’t knw she’s mad..as a mad person is not aware he/she is mad..thank u for givin us an insight 2 her world..this is a typical life of a mad woman in lagos..welldone ololade!.

  2. Fantastic piece by Ololade, gives the Rosco character more development and plays up the unshaken belief of the woman that she is not mad even more. Really interesting!

  3. I’ve read other conclusions, this is the best so far. Feels like she’s in the original writer’s mind ;putting her oblivion of being pregnant and being mad in perspective while making the story more interesting. Nice work Lolade

  4. Lolade mi! So I like d fact dat u were to sink
    Into the thots of the original writer, there is a smooth connect.
    And ur twist to the story creates a longing for more, ur readers wud love
    2continue reading. Now datz genius!
    Beautiful read!
    Repping Bowen 2d teeth…..hahahahaha…u go gal…show ’em
    Wat u got…LOL!

  5. I don’t even know who to vote for now. Maybe I should just wait till all entries have been posted before I vote. Good job girl.

  6. Nice one.I had read †ђξ other conclusions but I love this conclusion. It’s like †ђξ perfect concluding part of †ђξ interesting story,like no word was lost.I’m sure Seun will agree with me that Ololade olatunji had just helped finish very well. Good job girl!!!

  7. Whoa! I luv ds conclusion.I hv read others bt ds one is †ђξ very concluding part of this interesting story,like no word was lost. I’m sure Seun will agree with me that Ololade Olatunji had just helped him conclude his write-up. Good job girl

  8. Wow!!! I wanted to complete the story myself too but when I found out ma dear friend Ololade omotola olatunji was gonna send hers,I said”bingo”Mr seun just got d best hand on his story.lolade,I had always believed in your writing prowess just like my father(may his soul rest in peace).go for it girl

  9. Lolade rocks. The ony difference btw u and the original writer is that he uses shorter sentences. You will win. Lemme enter an entry myself.

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