Entry 9 by Ogunyemi Bukola

Could it be that I am pregnant? If I am then there’s no second guessing who is responsible. But what will Rosco say? He doesn’t even talk to me or show any sign of acquaintance during the day so it’s not possible that he’ll accept responsibility.

That night he came back later than usual, I had almost given upon seeing him before he signaled to me to come. I went inside his danfo and it was evident that he was drunk. He must have gone to Iya Basira’s joint again with those never-do-wells.

He didn’t waste any time, he tore my wrapper and delved straight into me, I felt a sharp pain as my body adjusted to the intrusion, he was pounding me furiously but I couldn’t complain. Who am I to complain? It was clear he would last longer than usual so I braced myself for the onslaught; I wrapped my legs around him, pushed up my hips to meet his thrusts and quietly enjoyed the sweet sensation of the fire that was burning in my groin.

At that moment all thoughts of pregnancy disappeared from my mind, it’s been long I enjoyed Rosco this much; if only he will stop smoking that igbo that is almost rendering him impotent. His thrusts became erratic as he moaned loudly and poured his seed in me.

Without a word, he pressed N100 into my hands and motioned to me to leave. It was then I told him I was pregnant. He went pale, the blood drained from his face, visibly at loss at what to say or do. Finally, he took another N100 and told me to get 7Up and alum and use it very early the following morning.

I didn’t have to be told what that meant. I didn’t do it; I was scared of what would happen, what if I die? And a part of me wants a family too. I didn’t see Rosco until three nights later. He said government has removed subsidy from the petrol they are using to ride their danfo; that everything will become expensive and poor people like us are going to suffer a lot so they are going to protest.

For two weeks everywhere was like a graveyard. The roads were deserted and shops didn’t open. I heard everybody was at Ojota singing, dancing and abusing the government. They say that I am mad but is it not madness that will make someone put all the money meant for everyone in his own pocket?

Yesterday, they brought Rosco’s body to our house. A policeman shot him when they were doing protest. I couldn’t shed a tear for him; people will ask what is my own. I will give birth to the boy, he will be a boy, and he will grow up to be strong just like Rosco. He will be Seriki’s conductor and maybe when he grows up he will buy his own danfo too and take care of his mother.


49 responses to “Entry 9 by Ogunyemi Bukola

  1. Ogunyemi Bukola? Is this not @zebbook…this one na ‘ojoro’ o!!! It is quite nice, but then what do we expect!

  2. When I first read, I felt it was ‘below par’ probably because of my expectations from my foremost Zebbook but I’ve not seen any other that ended this well. On point!

  3. This has been my favorite ending so far. it sticks with the tempo of the story and incorporates other elements unique to Nigeria like the subsidy strike therefore giving us another dimension to the story. Nice!

  4. Ever since I’ve busted into you on tweeter, my reading urge has been rekindled and believe me, this very write up is a double +… No magical ending, just the logical one very REALISTIC one!!!

    Thumbs up bukky!

  5. This is the best I have seen out of those published, I wont be surprised if it wins. I do thing zebbook shouldnt have been allowed into this competition though

  6. Sad dat Rosco died ds way. Sadder is d fact that the unborn’s future is grimmer than grim, so the best she cld dream for her unborn is for him to bcom lyk his father…. Well written piece

  7. If the target of this competition is to end the story, this entry has done the best job of it out of the 30 I read. Brilliantly written.

  8. This is one of the best entries I have read so far. Of course I didn’t hesitate to cast my vote. I loved the fact that Roscoe had to be taken off the picture and also the mad woman’s perception of her unborn child’s future. Really good writing Bukola… See you at the Top 10.

  9. This is the best entry i have read so far…i love the ending..
    wud vote for this & i hope you win

  10. That was a really saddening and touching piece of writing….and these sad scenarios happen everyday back home 😦
    It will be ok one day….that I believe!

  11. This is the best entry, thumbs up Bukola @zeebook. Your writing prowess never seize to amaze me.

  12. A captivating end filled with poignant reminders of the vicious circle of poverty and illiteracy. But some of the sentence constructions were faulty. I hope you win Bukola.

  13. Lovelie one uve got here. D plot is so cool, Nice sequence and outstanding theme… Trust me i didnt know Roscoe would die dat soon.. Thought he would be the president or something better. Keep up the good work.

  14. You av my heart and my support but buki, I said it before, something is missing and the missing piece is the other mad woman!! You never talked about her!! Massive tho!

  15. Hmmmn, so touching! But i dnt lyk how d mother concluded that the unborn child will follow or live the life of his late father cos she does not know yet wot the unborn child wil bcom later in the future. Gooood write up, keep it up sir.

  16. I knew you will always raise the bar Bukola. Really nice! Best so far…good way to wrap it up.

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