Entry 7 by Abigail Anaba

I lay on the ground. I could not move. The darkness was coming, but I did not want it to take me. I can only think of my dear Rosco. How long now since the policemen and soldiers came?

I had gathered my things and carried my plate to go and buy indomie and egg from Aboki. I saw them, plenty of them, in big trucks. They chased my neighbours away and stayed. I was afraid.  Maybe if I walked around until night comes they will go home, and then I will go back to the place I live and my Rosco will come.

The sun was very angry that day. Aboki could even boil his tea water under it. The tree called me so I went and sat under it.

When I opened my eyes, everywhere was dark. I did not even know where I was again. Then I remembered. I started going back. Maybe my Rosco will be looking for me by now. I wanted to hurry but my legs were weak and the inside my stomach was worrying me like I should vomit.

This big car coming, the type they call jeep, poured all its light on my face. I stopped to cover my face from the light and the car stopped too. I wanted to run, but my legs refused. The men from the car caught me and tied me up the same way they tied the woman selling cakes, Pepsi and Lacasera. I could not fight. I just allowed the men to take me.

The place they brought me was a small house inside the bush. There was a bed there but they pushed me to the floor. The man in the big ‘agbada’ came in. He asked them if I was dangerous and one of them said I have bitten somebody before. The man in the big ‘agbada’ squatted down and started whispering strange words in my ear, and then he carried me to the bed.

He was not big like Rosco but he was long and rough; going in and out very fast, not like the way Rosco used to go from fast to slow and then fast again. He was rushing as if spirits were pursuing him. I would have shouted if they had not tied my mouth. This man wanted to tear out my bowels. And then, when I thought I was going to die, he pulled out and his man quickly brought a plate and he pissed into it.

I lay on the ground. I could not move. The darkness was coming, but I did not want it to take me. I can only think of my dear Rosco.

The people gathered shaking their heads. Their lips were moving, but I could not hear them. This place was different, birds passed through the roof. Where was my Rosco?

When the darkness came again, I allowed it to take me.


11 responses to “Entry 7 by Abigail Anaba

  1. I’m assuming these people are serial kidnappers and rapists right? I think my brain is still booting, I need to read it again.

  2. My thoughts are still fragmented. I l♥√ε what it’s doing to my mind. Uber cool! Voted Yes!

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