Entry 34 by Ogbonna Chilee Richard

Thinking more about the problem, my stomach got queasy. I had to steady my rising urge to puke. That people would know that I am pregnant was something I had not thought possible.

I mustn’t fail to talk about Iya Folake. If only I had listened to what she told me the day she passed by, the day after I moved into this house. Rosco had also been inviting her inside his danfo bus every night. When she became pregnant, Rosco then realised she was a mad woman. What nonsense! The agberos didn’t help; they drove her out of the area because she had told the truth. Well, the child died after birth. The move was a blessing; it provided me a place and a man.

My child will not die, I reject it. I don’t care if Rosco is interested or not. I don’t also want to lose this house. Most importantly, Rosco’s thing is too sweet to lose.

I am very cold. For weeks, the rains have been heavy. Today’s downpour is oppressive, it entered into people’s houses and everywhere is flooded. I don’t know why people remove their shoes when they pass through this dirty water. Are they mad? Are their shoes better than their legs? I heard that Fashola asked people to move out of this place. Thank God I’m not affected. Night is approaching; I hope the fool calls me.

With the sound of a blaring horn by one of those big cars, I woke up with a jerk. Confused, I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing there. The smell of Igbo and sex dangled in the night air. Then the pictures became clearer; I was in Rosco’s bus. We had fallen asleep after Rosco had pounded me into what happened to be the sweetest sex. With the fool still snoring, I opened the door and tip toed to my house

This afternoon, I was surprised to see Rosco’s gang shouting and running towards my house, like those crowds you see during election, only that they were not carrying posters and dancing to the praise of one stupid politician. This crowd was shouting and crying. Their cries became loud as they approached. What has happened? That was how they shouted when those Army men flogged Boski because he insulted their Oga.

I hurriedly carried my plate of Indomie and egg so that they won’t spill the content. Then I saw Baja, carrying a lifeless man, his head falling on one side, he is wearing that dirty jean that Rosco likes to wear. I am sure it is Rosco’s jeans because I see it on him every day. He even wore it last night. Baja dropped the man on the floor. I couldn’t see clearly again because the crowd was too much. I became tensed. In order to see clearly, I moved and made a small space in the crowd. Lying dead is Rosco. I felt Blood dripping down my legs.


13 responses to “Entry 34 by Ogbonna Chilee Richard

  1. Niceeeeeeeeee.kudos!ds piece made me go wow! Espescially d “I felt blood dripping down my legs” part.great ending,rosco is dead and d problem of d pregnancy has bin taken care of by nature.

  2. Wow,wat more can I say?dats Too touchie,who ever dat wrote dis deserves more dan a hand shake

  3. Nice Job dearie….was angry when i realised i had gotten to the end of the piece… rily luved the flow…..thumbs up….

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