Entry 32 by Hogan Agnes Edem

It is a sickness I don’t seem to understand, every morning I feel like vomiting and my stomach is so soft. I worry a lot but I have no one to talk to. Rosco crosses to buy something from the kiosk across the road but just looks away like he always does during the day.

I ponder whether to tell Rosco of my worries but I don’t even know how to explain it to him because its strange to me too. The noise from people around brings my attention back to the woman on the  road who has now removed her bra to reveal two rounded breasts.

Some of the men smoking igbo near my house rush to the road and push her away, shouting on her to take her madness some where else. I see one of them holding her breast softly while pretending to move her from the road.

They succeed in moving her from the road while some try to steal her bottles of lacasera. I feel sorry for the woman because I know she’s mad but my worries remain in my head and I begin to pity myself.

At nightfall, I hear Rosco drive his danfo back to the spot where he always packs it and I forget my worries for once. I’m always glad when he returns because I know he’ll soon call me to pleasure me. There is nothing as sweet as Rosco’s thing…Not even my worries can hold back my joy.

Weeks have passed but my problem remains. I used to vomit every morning before but now I just feel sick. These days the men who sleep near my house are always looking at me and I think they talk about me too because my stomach is growing big. Some pass by my house and ask me “were, ta lo fun e loyun?” but I don’t answer them.

Rosco has been acting strangely these days. He does not call me at nights and in the mornings he looks at me with shock in eyes as if he has seen a ghost! Maybe he is scared of my big stomach.

I haven’t cleaned up my house since last week because I tire a lot and the heavy rain does not help the matters. The rains have now stopped and its always sunny but my stomach grows bigger like I have a ball in it, I even feel some painful kicks once in a while and my breasts are now so big and painful.

Rosco does not come back anymore and I have looked everywhere for him but it seems he has suddenly become bothered by the smell of this place and has decided to travel.

Every one around says I have a baby growing inside me and I am happy because I will finally have someone who will understand I am not mad. I miss Rosco so much and I always look to the road in case I see him return.


8 responses to “Entry 32 by Hogan Agnes Edem

  1. Lady Agnes really knows how to weave the words to cover the wide range of emotions found in this short piece. Thumbs up!

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