Entry 3 by Dr. Erhumu A.

This feeling is very foreign to me; I do not remember ever feeling this way before.

When the nausea comes over me, along with the spasms and vomiting, I feel very strange. Could that foolish Aboki have been adding something to the Indomie noodles? A love potion perhaps?

I notice the way he looks at me when I am walking away, maybe he wants to take me away from my precious Rosco.
He jam rock.

I am for Rosco alone, and Rosco is for only me. But what is this thing growing in me? I know there is something because it kicks me occasionally.

As I was saying, seeing this woman made me convinced that I am not mad. It is only a mad person that will sing and clap in a residential area like this; after all, when I do my singing and clapping, I make sure I have a sizeable audience that can appreciate my art.

I remember the last time in Tejuosho Market, the whole market stood still for me while I performed,  it was only ruined by those men in black who tried to chase me. How would Rosco have felt knowing other men were after me? I never told him.

She had already started to sit on the floor, rolling her body in the mud, the crowd was already laughing,  I did not like this at all. Suddenly she got up, as if hit by a sudden revelation, she turned her neck and looked straight at me.

She started to walk towards me, a crooked smile on her bruised face. I watched her as she came towards me, her chest rising with each step, her strides unbelievable for someone of such little size.

We were face to face, the mad woman and I; I looked at her, she looked at me – then – she smiled, revealing a perfect set of teeth. I hated her instantly.

What could she be thinking? I hoped she had no plans of being my friend, or even worse, trying to stay here.  There was no room in this place for both of us; she had to know she wasn’t welcome here.

I could not let Rosco see her; my Rosco without any self control – she was clearly more endowed than I am. I smiled back at her, a plan already brewing in my head; if she wanted to stay, she would not make it through the night. I had to protect my territory.

The crowd by this time was getting bored and they started to return to their business, leaving us together like long lost friends.

She wasn’t my friend; in fact, she would not be here tomorrow.

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