Entry 28 by Boma Ilamina-Eremie

Every morning for one week I have been feeling like this. The last time I felt like this was three months ago. No, four months. Yes.

One man who passes my house on his way to work every morning stopped one day. At first I thought he liked me and I tried to smile at him but I was too tired so I stopped smiling.

The man looked at me very closely then came closer and looked at me again. Then he turned and ran away.

I don’t know who was chasing him but later he came back with something in his hand. White tablets, three. I counted them, three tablets and a bottle of water.

He asked me to open my hand. I opened my hand. And he put the tablets in my hand. He said I should swallow them. I swallowed them. He gave me the bottle of water and said I should drink water. I drank the water. Then he ran away again.

I looked around to see who was chasing him but there was nobody. Some people were looking at me as usual. I slept.

When I woke up I was feeling better.

Maybe he will come and give me tablet and water again. I don’t know. He does not pass my house again. I don’t know why.

Anyway, back to the woman. After dancing for some time, she just turned and started walking away. I smiled.

See crazy woman. She did not even look back at the people who grabbed her wrapper and blouse and ran away. Two boys started fighting for the cooler. Me, I was just smiling at them. Stupid people are very many in Lagos.

I am still very dizzy.

The sun is very hot today. I pity all these people walking under the hot sun. Me, I am enjoying the shade in my house oh. And the breeze is even better than ceiling fan.

I close my eyes and try to sleep, maybe I will feel better. But all these people keep making noise so I can’t sleep.

Last week one man came to my house with some ruffians. They were shouting at me and saying I should pack my property and leave. They said I was disturbing people. It is a lie.

So I shouted back at the man and I told him to leave me alone or I will call the police. After I said that the man and the ruffians stopped shouting at me. They started laughing.

I was confused. I shouted at them and asked them what was funny but they only kept laughing. Soon, they turned and walked away, still laughing.

So I did not pack out. I am still here in my house.

The noise is not so much now so I can sleep but now I want to vomit. I don’t know if I should tell Roscoe about how I am feeling…

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