Entry 26 by Kenechi Uzochukwu

I have felt like this before, long ago, when I first arrived here. The problem was so bad that my stomach kept growing as if the vulcanizer was pumping me. After many weeks or months, I couldn’t take it anymore. I bought a bottle of agbo and mixed it with alligator pepper, potash, and exhaust soot. I drank half in the morning and the other half in the evening. That night I went to the bushes near the rail line, and as I squatted, everything in my stomach just poured out. I was very relieved.

I don’t want to suffer like that again. That time it was Obe that visits me in the night, but when my stomach started growing, he wouldn’t even look at me again. After a while I stopped seeing him altogether. I didn’t miss him much; his thing was not as big or as sweet as Rosco’s.

The shouts of the crowd forced my attention back to the woman. Her madness was improving. Her bra coming off had caused the shouts. But now she was doing something else, something that was driving all the men stupid. She was moving her hips to the music from one of the stopped danfo. The woman can dance, I swear. But it was her breasts that were causing the traffic hold up; they were jiggling and bouncing like no man business.

The woman suddenly dashed off. Her speed was good; the foolish crowd hardly had time to give way for her. They cheered.

I walked over to the woman’s container, took one Lacasera, and then a Coke, for tomorrow. The crowd followed me and rushed for the other drinks, and then traffic began to move again. The show was over.

In the evening, I saw the woman coming back. I don’t know why mad people think they can come and live in this place with me. I don’t want any mad body stealing my things or scattering my decoration. I untied my wrapper and made myself naked enough for a fight. She came closer and I picked up a big stick.

But the woman just went over to her empty drink container and started cursing and screaming “Ole” at everyone. Then she found her wrapper and buba, dressed herself up, stopped a bus and got on.

I shook my head, na wa o.

Standing there in my fighting position, enjoying the air the passing busses caused on my naked thighs, it was me people were shaking their heads at. I did not mind them. It wasn’t me that was mad. They are alike, but to be poor is not madness.

But my problem is this stomach. I am worried that if it keeps growing Rosco will see it, and because he is a fool, he might stop calling me into his danfo at night. I cannot let this happen.

I will make my concoction again. There is nothing agbo mixed with the right ingredients will not cure.


29 responses to “Entry 26 by Kenechi Uzochukwu

  1. A good one. The twist about the other madwoman was nice. Though, I have doubts about a madwoman having the intelligience to abort a pregnancy – the fact is that she’s actually mad but in denial like all mad people.
    Well done bro!

  2. Kaycee, Ɣõú Ά̲̣яε just †̥o good. Well paced with the stated limites. Ɣõú Ά̲̣яε †̥o much

  3. This is one hell of a piece. Imagine a mad woman calling normal people mad and sane enough for self abortion and desperate to keep a lover! I love this!

  4. I don’t think she knew she was pregnant. She just wanted to cure her stomach trouble. Her silly mixture of exhaust soot, agbo, potash and alligator suggests she had no clue to much.

  5. she didn’t know she was pregnant… and her madness didnt get to her crotch. she still wanted Rosco. that serious madness; but Kaycee you got me thinking you have tested madness before so as to know how the mind of mad people works. this is a great one!

  6. Hilarious. I totally enjoyed the twist and your way with words. One of my bests so far… or it could be my best read yet… maybe.

  7. This is definitely my best so far. I just luv it. I have voted you despite dat I also have an entry. Mine is 79 and if I make top ten or not I will luv 2 see dis dere.

  8. A great psychological portray in a wonderful story! It’s often a case with mad people to think that others are mad.

  9. Wow,this is good, I am contesting too but can’t help but to confess that dis is great.very well written.mine is entry 6

  10. I swear if the best entry should win, this would be it.
    You are one very good writer. I hope you win.

  11. Beautiful write… Just want to read it over and again. the most interesting part to me is the fact that she blames her situation on poverty

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