Entry 22 by Nwagwu Everest

That is true, that blood that usually stain my cloth have not come for a while now, I guess that is good news because I will be doing less washing. Remember the woman I was telling you about, after some days she came to the place I call home to ‘squat’ with me I allowed her not because I like staying with a woman that has been certified mad by the society, but because I crave for acceptance during the day, I know Rosco can be a nice companion at night. I even gave her a pet name –Rukky, because she looks a bit different from me, most times she prefers to go topless though this place is always very cold. She will scream at nights and start soliloquizing. Rukky is really mad I said to myself, we have nothing in common apart from her well rounded breast-which Rosco have refused to take notice of and that is very strange because I know Rosco values those rounded things a lot.

Sometimes the woman selling food will give me this mountainous food without asking for money while rendering abuses to the man responsible for my big tummy simultaneously. Rukky even came back one night with some rags that she defined as fine cloths she said she bought at Lagos Shopping Mall.

Then the government environmental people came and said they wanted to plant flowers at the only place I call home. With hefty looking, dark skinned and tribal marked task force men, they said they were going to evacuate all mad people inhabiting the place.This lead me to another adventurous voyage through the unfriendly Lagos roads, until I came to a destination similar to my previous home, the difference being the shouts, which  is now Iyanaipaja fifty! Oshodi Gbagada straight!!At least I can sleep and wake up without being disturb by Rukky, though I must confess that am missing Rosco everyday. Having accepted the idea that am not mad woman-well at least different from Rukky’s type, I have embraced this way of life and my tommy was getting bigger my the day, hope all is well? I asked myself.

All these became cloudy the day one fat woman came and talked to me, she said something about being my aunty and all that. She offered to give me a better accommodation and was moved to tears when I narrated few of my ordeals, but I was not moved by her tears, the situation became worse when some government people came to take me, saying they were from welfare. Since I saw Rukky that fateful day she got mad, no one was looking for her the way they were looking for me. I decided to follow the woman that said she was my aunty, not because I liked her, but because she looked less fearful. Having spent two years with her and looking at my lovely son, I now know that the society labelled me mad, because I can truly say now that am not.


2 responses to “Entry 22 by Nwagwu Everest

  1. Truly an inspirational write up, filled with much raw talent that needs to be explored. Keep it up!

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