Entry 16 by Simisola Agunbiade

Just like a coin, there are 2 sides to every human being; the perception we have of ourselves and the opinion others have about us.

Many times, our true self cries out like a caged bird for freedom to be seen, understood & felt, but this cage serving as the people and environment would not break unless we fight harder to show the world who we truly are.

The woman thought she was sane, but her environment & circumstances called her “Mad”. In the way they looked at her, talked to her, treated her, she was referred to as “WERE of the yard” but she could beat her chest to her sanity, if not for the death of her uncle who pushed her out to be fed to the vultures. The streets was her home, in the cracks was her office where she’ll do unholy things to earn N100 just enough to feed her mouth for a day, waiting for the next pay-check after service has been rendered.

Just as in the cinemas, the underworld where she now calls her home, shows her  real-life happening movie in 3D; different scenes/part been played every day, from the grown men smoking Indian hemp, to the early morning hyming by the danfo drivers, to the noisy okada men, the akara woman and the aboki man.

But on one day, while enjoying the scenes from the street of Lagos, something spectacular happened, she saw a group of people gathered “Association of gbegborun”, they were chanting “were! Were! were!” as she tried to go close, she could only catch a glimpse, she saw a bowl filled with drinks on the floor, then this woman in the middle of the crowd had started to strip off her clothes, as she moved closer to the front, the voice sounded familiar, though she couldn’t see her face yet but the body stature was familiar, as she moved closer to the front, the more she could vouch she knew this lady acting really funny. As soon as their gaze finally met, she froze instantly.
It could not be possible, it could not be her, what could have happened, who did this to her? Oh no!!! And almost instantly, she enters into a state of abyss, she could hear an echo, it kept getting louder & louder, My Seun!!! Seun sweets!!! Seun honey!!!  Wake-up darling!!! , it is time to get ready for Work.

Wow!!!, so it was all a dream, but for some reason, she remembers the face of the lady in her dream, how could she forget, surely her lips must never say what her eyes had seen, how could she ever explain to her husband she saw his mother run mad in her dreams, Nah, not in this lifetime.

Oh well, it’s another Monday, time to get up early, I hear they are Closing 3rd mainland bridge, Hmm, Lagos and its many adventures.

9 responses to “Entry 16 by Simisola Agunbiade

  1. different…but i feel a ‘disconnect’ from the first part of the story that this entry is supposed to end…got my attention because of the different approach…

  2. Our dear writer obviously did not understand what the competition called for. I cringed as I read this.

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