Entry 14 by Oluyole Oluwaseyi

The dizziness and vomiting has not stopped but now I have a new friend where I live. It’s the LaCasera woman oo. After her display of madness that day, she became calm and I let her stay in my house. She does not think it’s smelly. Although it feels good to have a friend that also understands I am not mad, I am still jealous of those round breasts that look like an overripe orange.

All these people still shake their head whenever they see us talk and laugh together and I am beginning to think they are the mad ones. The bad thing about having this my friend here is that I have to share that fool Rosco with her as if he is a delicious meal. Sometimes I feel like killing her because I don’t have Rosco’s thing in me every night again but she is like my only family and friend around so I have to share like a good child. I wonder why he likes her maybe because of her breasts and she has not grown dreadlocks as her pubic hair. I have never asked my friend if she likes what he does like I do because I don’t want to think about it.

I have greater troubles and worries than Rosco’s thing right now. I keep vomiting and my stomach is getting bigger as if someone is blowing a balloon inside. But I think it is Rosco’s baby that is growing inside me. If it is I will be a little happy because he just might abandon my rounded breast friend. He might even start squeezing more than 100 naira into my hands and his thing will stay longer inside me. If it is I don’t know how I’ll tell him and he won’t start thinking that I am mad.

Oh God. I can’t stop crying ooo. Something very bad has happened and my fears have come to pass. This morning as I was cleaning my room and making sure nothing has been stolen from my house, I start hearing people shout and running around like scurrying ants. There’s a crowd gathered and I know it means someone has been hit by the careless morning drivers. I am so sad for the family of the bereaved. I move a little closer and people begin to part like the red sea, I ignore them and look to see who it was. It was Rosco with his dirty beard lying on the floor.

I can’t stop crying and I will miss his thing and watching him bath. My round breast friend just acts as if it’s nothing. She does not even cry. But I do especially because I am carrying his baby inside me.

I will keep this little thing growing inside me; my link to shameless Rosco. I will not let anyone take him from me when I birth it. I will devour anyone who tries like a lion devours its prey.

9 responses to “Entry 14 by Oluyole Oluwaseyi

  1. Devourer! You be lion ?? Seun will make you people kill me.. All are nice stories.. It will be hard to pick a winner.. Gave u my vote

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