Entry 11 by Opemipo Adebanjo

I didn’t see Rosco this morning, maybe he went on those things he calls meetings. The sick feeling in my stomach won’t go and the smell of food makes me sick. The day was uneventful without my Rosco and even the free food from  Iya alamala didn’t make me happy. I gave Rio my friend, the dog who usually strolls by, to eat .He  greedily devoured it, while I watched him in disgust.

It’s unusually cold tonight .I wish Rosco was here pumping me full with Rosco Junior (It’s my secret name for his enormous member).I’m still cold, inspite of the thick wrapper I got from mama Peju, the kind-hearted landlady who lives nearby. I just woke up with a start and I wonder where that noise is coming from at this time of the night. It must be Rosco. Let me go out to see.

I see a big man’s car approaching , those ones that look almost like the rugged ones they use in war, only this one is finer. What do you call them ? Jeep? Ehen . I have seen many of its type , pass through this road during the day. Beautiful young girls in the front seat and old men by their side, doing love mi jeje, love me tender. Choi, the man has just gotten down and is coming towards where I live. Where is my stick  ? He thinks he is smart eh  ?

He is now creeping so as not to be seen. Mumu, does he think I am blind ? I will show him. Wait, he is bringing something out of his agbada pocket. Mogbe !!! A bundle of crisp naira notes. Okay I am no more his enemy. He is even greeting me “Ekale ma”, he says gently as he hands the bundle to me(Good evening ma). He came frequently after that, bringing me money, and food .

As my belly grew in size, it wasn’t uncommon to hear people make comments about me. “Were yi ma ti loyun” (This lunatic is now pregnant),they would say. Rosco altogether avoided me during the day and his nightly visits were now few and far between. I miss him and Rosco Junior. Although chief has been doing me during his visits, it can never be like that of Rosco. He pumps me like a lifeless chicken, that man is old.  Can’t money buy action ?

Nine months have flown by and this my stomach makes me so uncomfortable. What is inside anyway ? Roscoe told me months ago that it was a small sickness and it would soon end. Mogbe ooo!!!. I feel like someone just kicked me in the stomach. Thank God, Chief is here. He is now soothing me. Who is this woman who came with him ? She is now touching my ‘down there’ and trying to bring this huge thing out of me. She and chief took ‘ it’ and ran into the night.

43 responses to “Entry 11 by Opemipo Adebanjo

  1. What a dynamic story! You make your piece different with your entirely different and interesting story line. I just love this write-up, KUDOS!

  2. I had to read the last two lines over before I grasped what you actually meant, and those lines actually gave the story its edge. Nice one Ope

  3. What you just wrote is a mixture of sense creativity and talent. You made me almost consider the option of taking you for a test cause u really placed yourself in the position of a mad woman. Good work! This story couldn’t have had a better ending

  4. This is a mixture of sense, creativity and talent. You made me almost consider the option of taking you for a test cause u really placed yourself in the position of a mad woman. Good work! This story couldn’t have had a better ending

  5. Opeeeeeee, this piece is like Mama Amalas amala, well rounded and hot….! You told reality in an dramatic manner.

  6. Nice…but some unanswered questions:
    1. Is the narrator a mad woman that people come to sleep with?
    2. If the narrator is a mad woman, how come she has a house?
    3. What is the narrator doing with a stick?

    Beyond those missing links (yet crucial for the story to be balanced in my eyes), I think it was nice..


  7. Seyi I think I can answer your questions, obviously this is a story about a madwoman who is also the mad woman.

    2. It’s not mentioned anywhere in the story that she has a house, it’s probably an uncompleted building or dumpster she operates from and calls home.

    3. She’s a mad woman, makes sense that she would have a stick at some point in her life, lol to ward off nuisances whether man or beast

    Beautiful captivating piece, love it..

    • Thanks for the explanation, but let me critique a little bit.

      “I didn’t see Rosco this morning” gave me the (subtle) impression that she meets Rosco at a destination. It sounds like a statement a young lady would say after a one night stand in which her mate ditches her. Given the fact that he is (most likely) not a mad man, it is unlikely Rosco will want to be seen with her during the day.
      Thereby, my recommendation: substitute statement for “Rosco didn’t show up last night”……

      The stick and “Ekale ma”…wrong combination. OK, I get it; not typical writing but this signals an elderly woman (especially with hidden identity). Further more, I can’t help but wonder, what will a mad woman need a stick for? A higher level of intelligence is required to use that (unless, I really need to go out much more as I have never seen a reason to associate mad people with such abilities).
      My recommendation: remove the stick from the article and substitute “Ekale Ma” with “Fine girl”, “Sweet something” or some word to indicate Chief’s interest.

      My 2 cents.


  8. In many ways it is humankind’s most stunning achievement. It is the most exclusive of the world’s best, created and controlled by the one and only OPE SAYS…

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