Entry 10 by Ifeoma Ndigwe

She dances more for a while and people started piling up. The area boys who were curious to see what she was dancing for were much but I think a lot of them just wanted to see her remove her clothes. More people were crossing the road foolishly to come and do gbeborun. The woman was still dancing after two minutes and those looking at her were beginning to shout at her to do whatever she was doing so that they can continue on their way, imagine, and they say I’m mad. The drivers around there were now shouting at the people who were looking at her to move away so they can go on.

Everyone was looking and all of a sudden she turned around and faced my Rosco who had returned from his first run around the city shortly before the woman started dancing, the laughter on her face disappeared immediately, she pounced on him and proceeded to beat the sparkles out of him, people advanced towards her towards her to pull her away but she punched the first person to reach her so hard across the face that he fell backwards like a tree. People were beginning to think she was mad and I know this because they were looking through my front door and pointing at me and laughing too, they don’t know how wrong they are about me.

She kept beating Rosco and knocking him and she must have walked a lot on her feet because, she had muscles that were big enough to hold Rosco between her thighs. I now understand why she was pulling her buba before. I was surprised that no one was doing anything to help him and they call me mad, I picked up tiny stones and started throwing at her. I know she felt it but she ignored it and continued beating Rosco. She beat him senseless then she picked and untied the handkerchief and took the money in it and put it between her breasts. She opened one of her pure water sachets and poured some of it on her handkerchief and begins to wipe my lover’s face. She begins to coo at him and tell him how she has missed him and how it was God that brought her there that day. Now, even I thought she was mad. She wiped his blood, when he fell asleep she began to tell a story.

She said he is her husband and they were living in Ibadan before he ran, I felt my stomach turn again and I vomited. She said it was when six months passed that they knew why he ran; he impregnated a mad woman who stays by their church in Ibadan. That was when I knew she was as mad as her husband. Oh my; I’m pregnant for this mad man.

What kind of person will tell people that she wants her husband back after you just told the whole world of his madness?


2 responses to “Entry 10 by Ifeoma Ndigwe

  1. Like d uniqueness of ur approach… Shows your an “outside d box” thinker… Thumbs up!

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