Entry 1 by David Jaiyeola

The feeling seems different from the one I have felt in my six years of staying in my house, the way my stomach turns is scary, even Rosco can’t explain the sickness.

He seems to enjoy the time we have more than he does before, he increased the money by N50, which seems to me a different thing, he is making more money nowadays, then I saw the aboki with a lady and they stared at me, I wonder what they were staring at but from my corner eye I could notice the woman starring at my breast and the Aboki describing how weak I have become. But before I continue, I looked at the crowd and found out that the woman had been carried away by a group of people with uniforms,they seem to be very nice judging from the way every one attended to them, the crowd started reducing from the scene and I saw two ladies staring at me from the Aboki stand with the woman I earlier mentioned,they described the way I have suddenly changed, I pray they do not tell Rosco about the changes,He wouldn’t believe since he is enjoying his time and I am only a mad woman to them.

The night was very long because I had vomited and I felt very weak that night, even Rosco was wondering what was wrong with me, but I couldn’t tell since I do not know of  the sickness. He bought me drugs and a can of drink.

May be I want to always feel this way, that night nothing happened between me and Rosco, I slept quite long and woke up late. When I woke up I saw the two ladies who took care of the mad woman, but this time they came with four men, so I sat up right to see them and I smiled, they smiled at me and one of the men stretched his hand to shake me, though I didn’t shake him.

They asked me questions and asked if I would follow them so, I wanted to say no but I am not the violent type. I thought of Rosco, but I thought about my stomach that has been turning, I almost refused; I would have if I had seen Rosco anywhere near. I was thinking of his face when he gets back and realize I am not around, it made me laugh, but things may take a turn as the people in the big white van with red writings with a Jesus like symbol seems to be in a state of shock at my present situation.

My situation is a different one indeed; I would miss my house with no doors and windows. The doctor at the big white hospital said… young lady you are with child in a cool and deep tone. I am narrating this from my new house; the one with roofs, windows and doors.

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